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Frequently Asked Questions

Committed to Beauty and Wellness

  • How does Microblading work?
    Microblading is a procedure that allows Cosmetic Tattoo Artist an opportunity to Create, Restore, Reshape and Define, a beautiful set of Eyebrows for you, by implanting very thin "hair like" strokes of Color into the Epidermis Layer of your skin through a handheld tool, that consist of 7-18 micro needles in the shape of an angled or U shape blade. 

  • How Long does it last?
    With proper care, your Microblading can last up to 18 months. Powder Ombre Brows and Microshading can last up to 3 years.

  • Does it hurt?
    Everyone has a different tolerance for pain.  Prior to the procedure, I apply a topical anesthetic cream and allow it to settle for 30 min for maximum comfort. Throughout the procedure, I also apply an a topical analgesic for immediate relief. In general, most clients say the discomfort is minimal.

  • How Long does it take?  
    The entire appointment will last about 3 hours.  The first half we discuss Medical history, review and sign all disclosures, and design your brow shape and size. The actual Microblading only takes 30-40 minutes.

  • Is there any down time?  
    There is no down time. However, I ask that you strictly adhere to your AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS for proper care of your new brows. Please avoid the gym, pool, Sauna, sun Exposure, hot showers, tanning beds, and spicy food for 7-10 FULL  days after the procedure. Sweating will open the pores, release and even discolor the pigment.

  • How's the healing process?    
    Within the first few days, your brows will actually darken a little bit, then within week or so, your brows will become a little patchy ,and itchy, but this is completely normal and a wonderful sign that your skin is properly healing. Your brows will take a softer, natural look  within a few weeks. When you return for your Perfecting Session 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment, we'll retouch any sparse areas that may have lost pigment (which happens naturally during the initial healing process). Results and healing times vary. 

  • Medications and/or Medical Condition(s), are you a good candidate?     
    In general microblading is a safe procedure, and almost anyone can participate. However, there are some restrictions. Here's a list of a few:  If you have any of the following conditions I cannot perform this procedure on you

    • pregnant or breastfeeding

    • have uncontrolled diabetes.

    • you’re taking blood thinning medications

    • currently anemic

    • going through radiation or chemo-or have heart disease.

    • If you are on Retin-A or Rentinols (You must discontinue use for at least 3 weeks prior to the procedure, and 1 full month following). 

    • If the skin in or around your Eyebrows is broken, irritated, crusted over or oozing, or has small bumps of any kind, I cannot perform the procedure until its cleared and completed healed.  If you have any other medical conditions that you are unsure of, please send me an email through the "Get in Touch" tab and I'll reach out to you ASAP.

  • What type of needles are used?:  
    I used BRAND NEW, 100% DISPOSABLE, HARMONY MICROBLADING NEEDLES By: Tina Davies FOR EVERY CLIENT. The packages are opened only in your presence and thrown away in a Sharps Hazardous Waste Container, strictly enforced and Approved by the Department Of Health.

  • What type of PIGMENT is used?: 
    My pigment is 100% VEGAN! Only the best for my clients :)

  • What should I do to prepare for my Appointment?:  

    • Please do not take ANY pain medication of any kind at least 24 hours prior.

    • Please limit caffeine, and alcohol the day before and the day of your session. 

    • Please Do NOT vape or smoke (anything) the day of your appointment.

    • Please do not arrive sick. 

    • Please do not WAX or THREAD your brows at all. I like the brows to be as bushy and full as possible.

    • Please arrive with clean hair. 

    • It isn’t necessary to have your brows drawn on the day of your appointment. (But wearing makeup is perfectly fine.)  

    • Please arrive on time, but not too early as seating is very limited.

    • PLEASE TRUST ME, and be prepared to follow your aftercare. I appreciate you booking :) thank you!

  • Regarding Appointments and Payments:  

    • Booking Fee of $50-$100.00 is required for all new appointments, and is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. All PAID BOOKING FEE DEPOSITS will be applied to  FULL balance, which is DUE IN FULL THE DAY of procedure, BEFORE THE PROCEDURE BEGINS,(if not paid in full beforehand).

    • If you cancel your appointment, OR if you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, OR you miss your appointment, ALL BOOKING FEES (AND IF ANY, ADDITIONAL DEPOSITS WERE MADE) WILL BE FORFEITED, and an additional deposit will be required for a new booking. No Exceptions.

    • If you choose to reschedule your appointment, it must be done at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time. Every client is allotted ONE reschedule per appointment request. If you request a second reschedule, the request will be declined.

    • PLEASE, PLEASE Carefully choose your appointment date and time, consider traffic and delays on the day of your appointment and please plan ahead. 

  • If you have a Cold, the Sniffles, the Flu, Viruses of ANY KIND, or any type infection you are taking antibiotics for, ETC: PLEASE DO NOT arrive to your appointment ill. This may seem like common sense, but i’ve have SO many clients arrive sick to their appointments and I’m always in shock. I love you all, but I DO NOT want your germs. Please text me, so your session can be rescheduled. If you arrive to your appointment sick, I will cancel your session, and you WILL LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT.

  • Guest and Children:
    Absolutely not allowed. Space is limited and children are prohibited in Tattoo Shops. If you bring a child or entourage, your appointment will be cancelled and a new deposit will be required. 

  • All Fees for ALL services provided are 100% NON REFUNDABLE. Before the procedure begins you must approve the shape, and although I try my absolute best, Please understand a perfect color match is not guaranteed. Results are not guaranteed, and Perfectly even brows are not guaranteed. We have to be realistic and have realistic expectations. Skin type, Undertone, Hormones, Age, Exercise, Sun Damage, Medications, and even Vitamin supplements can all play a role in how well your brows heal. Please be honest with your Artist and have an open mind, so she can help you make the best decision for optimal results. 

  • How Much do you Charge and what are your payment methods?

    • All current and up-to-date prices are listed under the "BOOK NOW!" tab. 

    • Payment methods: Cash, debit, credit, Zelle, or Venmo. We no longer accept CashApp.

    • COVER UPS or CORRECTIONS (of any kind) Are an additional $200. corrections and cover ups must be pre-approved. Please text me a CLEAR photo of your brows, prior to booking 407-494-4982.

    • CLASSES: I have a couple different options, please email or text me for more information.

    • CANCER SURVIVOR BROWS: 100000% FREEEEEEEE! Please send me an email to be Nominated. :) 

    • ONE LAST THING: Photos are taken of every client and will be posted online. Ladies, Please allow up to 10 Business Days for All Inquiries. I am very busy and my current clients who are actively going through healing and need my support have priority. I appreciate your patience and support. 

  • I’m Ready, HOW DO I BOOK?
    Please remember when you make an appointment, you agree to all the terms and conditions of this business. Click on the "BOOK NOW!" tab to select a day and time that works for you. :)

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